Coeburn to Miller yard was all main line track.  There were no sidings or branches. It was 5 - 6 miles of downhill track to the yard and interchange with The Clinchfield Railroad.  There was one tunnel on this section.  It was about 1-2 miles south of Coeburn. The track pretty much followed the Guest River.  All track was pulled up many years ago after the meager with Southern.   All the Clinchfield / L&N traffic was interchanged at Norton.

  Today, this section of the Interstate railroad exists as a Rail-to-trails park.  The trial is 5.8 miles to the Old Miller Yard area / CSX tracks.  If you choice to ride or walk this trail, be warned, 5.8 miles is one way only.  You will have to turn around and do the 5.8 miles back.  There is no trail head on the other end.  Oh, one more thing.  It's all downhill going, and all uphill going back to the parking area.

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