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Interstate mine run from Stonega eases into Andover, framed by the Callahan Creek bridge of the Derby Branch in 1989. Nice detail picture of the bridge.

GP38AC at Appalachia, Va. in 1992.

See, there is a prototype for almost anything. (1993)

GP59 hauls the Westmoreland dump train at Mudlick, Va. in 1994.

Christmas season at Andover yard on the Ex-Interstate in 1997.

BNSF at Appalachia in 2002.

Snow on the ex-Interstate in 2003.

Is that a caboose in 2006? Mine run backs through the tight confines at the old mining community of Stonega, on the former Interstate (milepost 1).


N&W at Roanoke in 1980. Yard full of Coal!


Switcher at Appalachia, Virginia working the Westmoreland Prep. Plant. Notice the Southern Silverside Gons in the background.

Ex-Southern S-2, now General Coal at Andover, for some work. The Interstates wrecking crane still at work in 1966.

General view of the Westmoreland Coal Company Transloader just two years before its closure. (1993)

ET&WNC 208 (ex Sou 722) at Elizabethton, in 1974, with a Interstate hopper behind it.

S-2s working the Westmoreland Transloader in 1984.

Southern Locomotive shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Clinchfield SD45-2's at Trammel, Va. in 1980. Look at the surounding area, that's what a coal road looks like!

Another coal tipple in 1993.


L&N units at Roaring Branch. Notice the terrain in this area. I believe the bridge in the background is the Interstate RR.

Great color picture of a L&N F-unit at Appalachia. Also, good view of the depot.

Color picture of L&N RS3's at Appalachia

L&N C628 and Sou. F-Units at Dorchester Jct., Va. 1967

F Unit night shot at Appalachia, Va. in 1968.

The now-abandonded Glenbrook Tipple which was originally opened in 1947 by Stonega Coke & Coal. This was the end of the Clover Fork Branch out of Loyall, KY. View was from 1992. Great picture showing out a tripple and the surrounding area look like.



Eastbound coal train passes a business car at Appalachia in 1965.

Snow day at Andover, with power for mine runs (F-units) and the Belmont unit train (SD35 3004).

Southern F7 working Dorchester Jct. in 1967. These are the beauties that replaced the Interstates RS3s.

Sou F-units and L&N C628 at Dorchester Jct., Va. in 1967.

Southern SD24s at Appalachia in 1966.

"White Face" SD35 Locotrol Lead 3060 is lined up for the afternoon Belmont Unit Train in 1967.

First "radio" train on the Appalachia District--15,000 tons, with eight six-motor units. Grubby day, and rainy.

First "radio" train on the Appalachia District--15,000 tons, with eight six-motor units. Grubby day, and rainy. (Shot 2 of 2) Receiver car was built on frame of old FM road switcher.

An Interstate Railroad mine run (2MR, Roaring Fork Crew) returning to Andover Yard with a short train. The second trick yard crew is working to the left of the old scale house in 1968.

Southern SD24 at Andover in 1968.

Sweeping off excess sand after servicing a Southern SD24 in the "pit" at Andover in 1968.

Southern SD24 6310 leads a second SD24 on Second 87 at Roaring Branch in 1968.

Southern SD24 and SD35s at Andover in 1968. The old Interstate water tower is still in use.

SR presidential and board inspection train is shoved in beside the then-new General Coal (Westmoreland) transloader at Appalachia--by the Andover first trick yard crew in 1968.

Southern's aluminum articulated coal hopper, no. 100--a one of a kind experiment in 1968 at Andover.

SR 1751, one of two "Big Dropper" experimental coal hoppers, on the RIP track at Andover for air brake work in 1968.

Andover Yard crew working the scale track in 1968.

The Interstate First Hill crew in the clear on the "new connection" at Appalachia.

At the turntable, Andover yard in 1974.

Looking outside from the Andover Diesel Shop in 1975.

Ex-SR pioneer cab unit, an FT B, was still being used as a scale test car at Andover, Virginia in 1975. One of its original four portholes has been blanked over.

Now abandoned and mostly razed, Westmoreland Coal's transloader at Appalachia, VA was quite busy some 30 years ago. (1976)

Inspection train at Appalachia, Va. in 1976.

Loaded coal train coming off the ex- Interstate at Appalachia in 1978. Great view of the downtown area next to the tracks.

First Hill crew heading to Miller Yard, Virginia in the snow in 1980.

On a line abandoned many years ago, a Miller Yard train makes a set off at Maytown, just south of Coeburn, Virginia in 1980. Look at this picture then look at the picture below of the S&A caboose.

Christmas Day, 1983, at Andover, VA.

Two GE units smoke it up on the yard job at Andover in 1984. Notice the small "hit" next to the yard.

A busy day at the Appalachia depot, in 1984.

SR power at the "pit" at Andover. Notice the radio at the fuel rack in 1984.

Mine turn at Wentz loader in 1985.

Southern coal train leaving Appalachia on the old Interstate, 1985.

Southern GP38s pulling the 4th mine run out of Appalachia in 1985

4th mine run going toward Stonega in 1985.

4th Mine Run pulling into Appalachia, Va. in 1985.

Savannah & Atlanta "Northeastern" cab as they make a back-up move with an Interstate mine run in Appalachia 1985.

2nd mine run on Roaring Fork branch, pulled by Sou GP38-2, in 1985.

Southern GP30s sitting at the Westmoreland Transloader in Appalachia in 1991. Notice the Christmas tree on the roof of the building.