The "What's New" page will have the latest items listed at the top of the page.

January 2021 - Fixed several bad links and missing photos.  Deleted the Modeling information page due to bad links (couldn't get website editor to fix it).  Added each model railroad scale pages to the menu.  Also added a steam loco diagram page to main menu.  Removed links from Steam Loco Roster page (same issue with editor).

January 2, 2015 - Added a few photographs to the photo album.  One of the 1950 shop crew and a letter from a family member of the same crew.  I also added 2 pictures to the steam loco roster page.  These are of the #5 loco after she left the Interstate for the WC&C RR.

December 28, 2014 - Added several items to the "O" scale modeling page.  Update a couple items on The "HO" scale page.


December 10, 2013 - Fixed several broken links for the steam diagrams.  Changed the links page to open links in a separate window.


December 6, 2013 - Re-organized the modeling information page.  Added pages for each scale.  New products added to the pages.



January 27, 2013 - Changed the home page photos back to the original Interstate locomotive.  I moved the steam locomotive pictures out of the photo galley and they are now on the steam locomotive roster page.  The steam diagrams are not working at this time.  The files will have to be re-loaded.

May 26, 2012 - Added a new picture to the main page.  Added Steam Locomotive Link to the Links page.

February 2012 - Updated picture page.

April 29, 2010....Added new caboose pictures.  Interstate #15 in North Carolina, Unk # in Selma, Alabama and 2 Unk# cabooses in Dunwoody, Georgia.

November 2009....Website convert to Webon software by Tripod.  Some parts of the web site didn't convert over the same.  So a few things are a little different.  Almost all of the pictures are now in photo albums.

December 18, 2008....Added links to Interstate route and trackage pages.  Pictures of towns found around the web.


November 24, 2008....Corrected info on Sou 2877 / NS 5539.  Thanks to Ed Fielding for the information.

October 31, 2008.....Added two items to the model page and a picture to the steam locomotive picture page.

June 3, 2008.....Updated the photo links page with a lot of new pictures. Also added 2 pictures to the Steam photo album. Thanks J. B. Adams, Jr.


Mar 13, 2008.....Updated the NS roster page.


Oct 12, 2006.....Edited the MSTS page.  Added a few pictures.


Oct 2, 2006.....After a long break, I have added some more to the trackage pages. 


July 31, 2005.....Added a couple of items to the Modeling information page. Both are for Interstate cabooses.  I have also added some information about Ed's latest book on the references page.


February 4, 2005.....Added 1 black and white picture of #2 2-8-0.  Also, changed the information about where to get the 3rd Interstate book.


December 23, 2004.....Added 4 more pictures to the MSTS page.  Interstate orange and Southern Black.


December 14, 2004......Found a screenshot of an upcoming release for MSTS.  It's a Int. RS-3 !!!!  There are 2 pics of it.  See it on the MSTS page.


June 16, 2004..............Added  6 pictures to the photo album section.  They are Int. diesels from my collection.


Apr. 15, 2004...............Added a couple more pictures to the picture album.  One is a cash voucher for the purchase of the line.


Jan. 28, 2004...............I have redone the Steam Locomotive page.  The diagrams for each locomotive is now linked next to each listing.  This will make it easier to view the diagrams.


Jan. 05, 2004...............Added a new blueprint to the Steam Locomotive section.


Oct. 24, 2003...............There is a new layout for the MSTS screen shots.  Now the first page has all thumbnail pictures and each picture opens to a larger picture of that screen shot.


Oct. 13, 2003...............I have posted more screen shots of the MSTS Interstate Route.  These were some of the first shots Marc took.


Oct .1, 2003.................I have moved the MSTS information to it's own page.  There are now some screenshots of the upcoming Interstate route for the train-sim game. Thanks, Marc Nelson.


Sept. 3, 2003...............I have updated the steam roster page with information sent to me by Alan Stanley.  I also have some diagrams of Interstates steam locomotives that I will be posting soon.


August 3, 2003.......... A brief history of the line has been added to the site.  We now have a new address for the site. It's


July 27, 2003............. Added Interstate Train Gifs to front page and the Train gif page. Also, added the link to the site of the creator of the gifs.  I have added more information on the hoppers on the rolling stock page.


July 3, 2003............... More information on the 2-8-0's from Southern added to Steam page.  There is a picture and some information on the Interstate business car on the rolling stock page.    


 June 18, 2003............. Added a picture of the Accurail HO hopper and put some more reference items on the reference page. 


   June 12, 2003.............I have added some information about the Interstate RS-3's.  Look for "new" listed next to the item.  If your a train-sim fan, you will find some good news on the Modeling page.  I also added some more picture links to the Area Railroad Picture page.


     May 07, 2003 .............We now have 2 new pages, "Area Railroad Picture Links". Each link will open a new window to another site where the pictures are located.  I have tried to put each link with the road that's shown in the picture.  I have also added a couple of links on the Interstate picture page.  The other page is for train gifs. I like those little trains !!