The Roda Branch - 

The only branch that actually started at Andover.  The branch line when northwest out of the yard, toward the Arno wye.  The track going to the left went on to Arno and then Derby.  The track to the right went to Mudlick.  At Mudlick, there was another wye.  The left track went to Prescott and then on to Roda.  The right track went to Stonega and then Wentz.


The Roaring Folk Branch - 

Left the main line at Kent Jct..  The line went to cane Patch and then to Roaring Fork Jct.  The left branch here when to Dunbar and then Pardee.  The right branch went to Pine Branch and Roaring Fork.


The Dorchester Branch -

This branch left the main at Dorchester Juction and went to Dorchester and on to Needmore.


The Glamorgan Branch -

  This line left the main east of Norton. It went to Esserville and Holton.  At Holton, it went left to Camp Creek, Critical Fork and then to Dixiana.  To the right the line went to Glamorgan.





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Andover - Main yard for the Interstate Railroad.  All the engine servicing faculties were located here.  The old steel water tower was converted to store diesel fuel after the RS-3's showed up on the properity.  The engine house was enlarged in the diesel years.  There was also a turntable located behind the engine house.

Appalachia - Interchange yard with Southern and Louisville & Nashville.  After the Southern buy-out, the Southern yard at Appalachia was converted to a coal prep plant.  Southern moved all their operations to Andover.

Dorchester Junction - Interchange yard with Louisville & Nashville. 

Norton - Interchange yard with the Norfolk & Western and the Louisville & Nashville.

Miller Yard - Interchange yard with the Clinchfield. There was a wye located here for turning the locomotives around.