Opened in 1903. At this time, it loaded over 8 tracks on 2 different tipples.  The larger of the two tipples, loaded 5 tracks and the smaller one loaded 3 tracks.  In the late 1930's, the small tipple was torn down and the large tipple loaded on 3 tracks. Operations ended for the first time in late 1950's.  a few years late, early 60's,"yellow balls were loaded here.  The large tipple was torn down in 1982.  A 4 track load-out was build to load the yellow balls.

  The trackage included a main line that passed the tipple and ended with a tail track.  There were 4 loading tracks with switches at both ends.  The tracks could hold 10, 9, 8, and 7 empty cars above the tipple and the same number of loaded cars below it.

 Roda Barber Shop (Step off that porch at the wrong time and you will get a close shave!)



Superintendent's house on the left and the company doctor on the right.   Below you can see what the houses look like in 2007.  All three houses shown above are still in use today (2015).  Just in front of the houses, just off to the left in the picture was the tracks leading to the tipple.  You can see some of the old mine complex in the background.  If you were the one taking this picture, you would be standing in front of the church.

This picture was taken by Chris DellaMeas and his website -

Roda Hotel

 Hunk Hill.  These were the company house for the workers.

Methodist Church at Roda.

This picture was taken in 2007 by Chris DellaMeas and his website -  The Doctor's and Suprv's house would be to your right at about a 45 degree angle.

Roda Church congregation.  I don't think it's the same church from above.

Company Houses - New Town section.

This picture was taken in 2007 by Chris DellaMeas and his website -

Sawmill section

Roda School House - 1905

Roda School House

Roda company store under construction.

Roda company store open for business.  You can see the church in the background.  The store is long gone.  Today (2015), it appears that the church is using the old store location as a parking area.  The railroad tracks in this area are also gone.  Some of the old roadbed can still be seen.

The Roda Movie Theater.  The building in the left background appears to be the Roda Hotel.

Roda Tipple
Roda Tipple



  Opened in 1902 and operated until 1927.  It was closed until 1955, when it operated again until 1964.  The tracks were 3 stub tracks, that would hold 12 cars above the tipple and 12, 10, and 8 below the tipple.  During the early years, there were coke ovens located above the tipple on two tracks.  One was a stub end and the other was on a passing type track. 

The machine shop at Osaka, VA was originally located beside the old Osaka tipple.  Stonega Coke and Coal opened the Osaka mine, coke ovens, and coal camp in 1903. The original mines were exhausted in 1927, but a new mine/prep plant named Prescott opened there in the 1950s. Prescott operated until the 1990s. \The pictures below were taken by Chris DellaMeas and his website -"



  Opened in the mid 1950's and ceased operations in the early 1990's.  It was located about a Quarter mile west of the old Osaka tipple.  In the early 60's, the operations were revamp after Osaka was closed.  The tipple was located next to the main, with 2 tracks above the tipple and one below that connected to Mudlick Jct.  The upper tracks held 30 and 17 cars.  The lower track held 50-60 cars.


Mudlick Junction


Westmoreland Dump Train westbound at Mudlick heading for Wentz. Pulled by NS 4612, EMD GP59 in Sept. 1994.