This loader was a new addition to Interstate, built as the Southern took over total control in 1965.   It was a prep. plant and a loading operation.  Wentz #1 operated from 1965 to 1995. Wentz #2 operated from 1970 to 1980.  In it's early years it loaded unit trains, "silversides" gons and "Big Red" hoppers.  Later it loaded commercial hoppers only.  In 1996, it was sold to another company and loaded 2-3 units trains, of 50-60 cars, a week.


Osaka No. 2






The Black school house build in 1920 and company houses with a modern coal truck in Stonega, 2002.

Same picture as above but a few moments earlier and in color.

Link to a page with modern pictures of Stonega, Va.