Kelly View

  This area had a few small sidings and stub tracks.  There was a tie yard with a small stub track, this was removed in 1937.  Next came the charcoal siding and Hamer Lumber, built in 1956.  A little further east was Kelly View siding and the Kent Junction passing track.  The KV siding would hold about 12 cars amd the KJ passing track was about 32 cars long.

              Tie Yard                                             Hamer Lumber

               _____                                                   __________

<W__________\____________________ ____/__________\___________E>






                                           Kelly View Siding







                                             Kent Jct. Passing Track


Kent Jct.

 Kent Junction was where the Roaring Fork operations branched off the main line.  There was a wye track arrangement here.  Just north of the wye, there were two sidings "Old Siding", 25-30 cars and "New Siding", 20-25 cars.







                                                            |  \

                                                           /|   |

                                                         /  |   |

                                                        |   |   |

                                                        |   |   |

                                                         \  |   |

                                                           \|   |

                                                            |  /







                                                           / \

                                                          /   \

                                                         /     \

                                                        /       \

                                                       /         \





Brutons Siding #1

 This siding or spur was only around for a year or so. Built in June 1946, a coal dock was built and the track could hold 19 cars total.  In April 1947, the track was extended 5 more cars.  The spur and switch were removed in August 1947.  The spur tailed toward the east and was located on the north side of the main.



In the early 40's, there was only a spur here called Hobo spur.  In 1944, a siding was built about 1/2 mile west of Hobo.  It was called Gleason Siding, it had laoding dock and originally held 6 cars.  A few months later, the dock was removed and the track extended to hold about 25 cars.  At this time the siding was renamed Blackwood Siding.  Later a spur was added called Kelly's spur.  This held 2 coal docks and a tipple, 5 cars could be placed at each dock and the tipple held 2 cars.  Another siding was added in 1946, which held 20 cars and a tipple.  In 1955, Hobo spur was removed.  In the mid 1960's, operations on Kelly's Spur and Blackwood siding were done.  The siding was turned into a stub track and a short empty track was built to serve the 1 remaining tipple.